What Can Go On The Big Wall Of The Living Room

A large blank area on the living room wall is just a space that is wasted. It will also make your living room look unwelcoming and cold, exactly the opposite of what your living room should look like. Filling this blank, large space will transform the living space instantly. Think about spacing, the wall art size and the groupings that should balance as well as fill your space. It can also be an option for you to make the wall art of your own as this will ensure that your apartment living room has a unique décor item.

A collection of your photographs can be displayed in frames. Make a sleek and modern look just by making use of the identical frames that are placed in long line for giving that effect of the unseen picture rail. If you want a funkier, eclectic effect, collect some frames’ selection in various sizes and shapes and then place these frames on the desired wall in random groupings.

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